“Just Cause 3” is expected to be one of the biggest open world games to date, so it comes as no surprise that the digital version of the game will take up a lot of space in a console. Fans who plan on buying this game digitally better save up a lot of space or delete some data in their console.

A gander at the game in the online Xbox store reveals that “Just Cause 3” will be 42.49 GB. This is a lot of download space, so hopefully fans who get the digital version of the game have a really fast Internet connection, or they will have to wait days before they get to play the game.

While the game’s size on the PlayStation 4 and PC hasn’t been revealed yet, it isn’t that far off from 42.49 GB. No matter the platform, digital customers better have enough space for the game.

The large game size was pretty much expected, considering how large the game is. The game will supposedly have a 1,000-kilometer map, which makes it ripe for exploration, according to IGN.

Exploration and destruction is the name of the game, as “Just Cause 3” gives players plenty of freedom to do whatever they please. While there are missions and objectives, the way they’re done is dictated by the actions of the player. There is no linear way to complete a mission, so players can be as calm or as destructive as they’d like to be.

This was one of the biggest selling points of “Just Cause 2,” the game’s predecessor. Like it’s successor, “Just Cause 2” was a massive open world game that entertained plenty of gamers. Considering how the sequel is even bigger and offers plenty of new toys for gamers – including the amazing new wingsuit and an awesome arsenal of weapons – it’s definitely a game that players will keep their eyes on.

“Just cause 3” comes out on Dec. 1 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game is developed by Avalanche Studios, the same company that released the most recent “Mad Max” game for consoles.

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Just Cause 3 – On a Mission Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Machinima Trailer Vault)