Does your small business need Facebook Advertising?

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Have you ever considered running Facebook advertising for your small business? 

Whether you’ve have crossed that bridge, or you are yet to; this apprehensive article will provide you with great deal of advice.

Maybe you’re lunching a new product range, opening a new store, promoting your services online, or looking to raise funds for your next book release. Whatever the venture, social media advertising should be an important piece of your business’ digital marketing campaign.

When talking about social media advertising, this giant of the space needs no Introduction. Targeted Facebook ads will help you reach a large number of soon-to-be loyal customers, and are one of the most under-priced and effective ways to deliver the results your small business is trying to achieve.

Is Facebook advertising right for your business, and will it be a good fit for your budget? As Sid Pierucci stated in his SEO Sydney Agency Defiant Digital article, “Scaling your business online isn’t hard if you’re working on these 5 things”, Facebook advertising is extremely cost-effective when deployed against an audience that you understand. 

The Ads Manager platform allows users to pick daily budget to deliver your advertising message, and Facebook will charge you a few cents to a couple of dollars per click while optimising your campaigns daily against the creative assets you choose. 

In comparison to standard, print, radio or TV advertising, the overall cost to promote a business is much more affordable for any small businesses!

Whether you are a small business who plans to work alongside a Digital Marketing Agency, or you’re more inclined to pursue a DIY approach; there are 4 important keys to finding success with Facebook advertising early one.

1 Understand your Customer

This is a crucial part not just of digital marketing, but of marketing in general. Who is your ideal customer? What do they like? What do they dislike? What are they interested in? to be successful in your Facebook advertising, all of the above questions need a very clear answer. For example, if you are running advertising for an hotel, trying to sell vacation packages; avoid only targeting keywords like travel; instead, be more selective and identify more targeted keywords like spas, wellness retreats, wanderlust, the name of your city and state or even other well-recognised brands that could be of interest to your ideal customer. The more specific you’re targeting is to the potential customer, the better your campaign will perform. When thinking about advertising online, aim to operate like a surgeon not a general practitioner.

2 Segment your audience via Engagement Ads

If you are looking to segment your audience into ‘more and less responsive’, consider using engagement ads instead of website traffic ads. These types of advertisements and geared towards creating social proof and keeping users inside Facebook. This approach also welcomes users to very simply be redirected to “Like” your page, add a comment or share your content in their News Feeds. 

3 Target users by location

Radius targeting makes Facebook ads super effective for local businesses that are not looking to attract customers outside of a specific local area or region. The aim of location targeted campaigns is to save advertising money by creating more refined and relevant messages that specifically target focus-groups of people you are going after.

4 Reduce Ad costs and increase conversion by marketing to existing fans

Strategy and clarifying objective is a big part of successful Facebook advertising. As a great first approach, consider starting with an advertising campaign that targets only existing customers and fans - people that have basically already shown interest in your business. Facebook tends to charge a lot less per click for such ads of this nature, and you have the added upside of maximising engagement with the customers you already have. 

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