Doctors order man with bionic genital to keep it erect for 2 weeks to heal

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University College London
Mohammed Abad got his manhood back after 100 surgeries at the University College London. University College London

Under normal circumstances, a man cannot sustain having an erection for several hours, even if he does not ejaculate. However, circumstances are different for Mohammed Abad because the man has genitals which could be the envy of other males.

After all, Abad has an eight-inch penis that could rise to the occasion when needed. But the 43-year-old Scot virgin had to wait for almost 40 years before he could have a functioning genital because when he was 6, Abad was hit by a vehicle and dragged 600 yards, resulting in his penis and one testicle being ripped.

After his accident, doctors were able to create a new penis for young Mohammed using skin from his leg. While the boy could urinate using the genital, it remain that size until he became and adult and it never had any sensation.

In 2012, he started a three-year procedure at the University College London with surgeon taking a skin graft from his arm to grow an eight-inch genital. After 100 operations, they then placed to tubes inside his manhood. With the Titan Touch Penile Prosthesis, with one press on a button under his scrotum, the penis would inflate. To bring his penis back to a flaccid state, Abad has to press another button.

The New York Times reports that as part of the recovery process, Abad had to keep his penis erect for two weeks straight after he left the hospital on July 10. Now that he is done with that, Abad told on Monday “This Morning,” a UK TV show, that he is ready to have sex and become a father.

Since he had not any sex at all, even Abad’s doctors are optimistic he could sire children. “We’ve looked at how much sperm I’m producing and I’m doing really well. It’s probably better than your sperm count,” Abad said.

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