The Division
Ubisoft's "The Division" is already available for preloading for some platforms. Ubisoft

Xbox One players have one advantage for playing “The Division” on Microsoft’s next-gen console. Developer Ubisoft has already confirmed that the post-launch expansions of the game will be time-limited for 30 days on the Xbox One. This means an entire month’s worth of early access for Xbox One players before those who are on other platforms.

Ubisoft announced via the official UbiBlog that the first two of the expected three expansions coming to “The Division” will be time-exclusive. These two paid expansions are Underground and Survival. However, for the two free updates, the platform will all get them simultaneously on their respective launch dates.

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The free updates will add in some new features such as loot in the Incursions update. For Conflict, players can finally access Dark Zone features. The last paid expansion, titled The Last Stand, will be out on all platforms come winter with no time-exclusivity.

Players who are keeping a close watch on the trophies they get in games will be happy to know that Ubisoft has already revealed the full list of achievements that can be obtained in “The Division.” There are a total of 51 achievements for the game, which range from completion of minor tasks to rescue missions.

A lot of the trophies will have players exploring the area of “The Division,” as well as trying out the different activities available. Some trophies will require item crafting of deconstructing, reviving or healing teammates, extracting items, killing enemies and skill-building, to name a few. The full list of achievements and trophies can be seen via GameRant.

Finally, some fans have started data mining into the game, and one fan was able to see the story missions for “The Division.” According to Forbes, there are a total of 26 story missions in the game. in addition, there were more than a hundred of weapons seen in the data mining, though the developer has been very sparse about detailing specific content count.

“The Division” first came out in Australia and U.K. due to the simultaneous March 8 release date. The game is out for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms.

"The Division" gameplay (Credit: YouTube/jackfrags)