The Division
The Division patch 1.4 will make some changes and scaling to bring a fairer, better gaming experience. Massive

Bugs and issues have been the biggest theme of “The Division,” which resulted in its loss of players and patrons. However, the update 1.4 may deliver a big change to get its player base back.

Announced during the latest State of the Game, Massive has made some changes, starting with Time to Kill, which will see some form of scaling.

Instead of adding more content for now, the developers analysed what’s happening in Time to Kill and found that the enemies were bullet-spongy and deal way too much damage. There’s also no build diversity and very limited good builds, which affects how players perceive it as rewarding or not. The plan is to balance it for a better experience even for the average player.

What’s more, level 30 players can expect a new feature, which is the ability to set the World Level of the game. Over at Reddit, the new feature was announced via the State of the Game stream. Part of this is that the level 30 players can choose the overall difficulty level of the whole game together with the NPC and reward levels.

“They showed the menu where you can select the world-scaling tiers and this will reflect the power level of the NPCs as well as the level/quality of gear drops. They are also re-scaling high-end and set pieces to be similar/the same levels. Man it really seems like if they pull this off they are gonna actually fix the game,” said Reddit or hutchins_moustache.

This change will introduce World Tier Drops in four segments:

  1. Common 163, Rare 182
  2. Common 182, Rare 204
  3. Common 204, Rare 229
  4. Common 229, Rara NA

All of the World Tiers will be available on Normal and Hard. The enemies in the world can drop the highest grade items for a selected Tier. Fellow “The Division” players rejoiced at the news as well. Some have voiced that the change will finally allow players some chance as it will avoid lopsided battles of lower geared players vs. the high powered ones.

The recent maintenance allowed the developer to further improve server optimisation, stability and clean the data bases. As an update, season pass holders can now claim the new monthly supply drop.