Dishonored 2
"Dishonored 2" from game developer Arkane Studios Facebook/Dishonored 2

“Dishonored” was a 2012 game released by developer Arkane Studios and publisher Bethesda Softworks. The same team has come together to release a sequel, “Dishonored 2,” which is both brutal and amazing.

The game is set 15 years after the first installment and allows players to control two characters: Corvo, the series’ original protagonist, and Emily, who players fought to originally protect.

Playing as Corvo allows gamers to play in a more aggressive manner. Pistol cracks, for example, put guards down very quickly while swords pierce limbs and follow this up with an easy decapitation. Blocking an attack could lead to the enemy sliding across the room and leaving a trail of blood behind him.

Meanwhile, Emily’s strength lies in stealthy and more strategic attacks. Moving forward with her character will require patience from players, as she works well around dark corners, crouched movements and Shadow Walk.

Watch creative kills on "Dishonor 2"

Not only does is there a new character to control, but Arkane Studios and Bethesda also improved and added a number of abilities that could prove vital in gameplay. Far Reach, for example, is a skill that is rooted in Blink Teleportation, but includes the ability to pick up objects and enemies from afar.

One addition that was made is Domino Power, which will appeal to most players, as watching the skill unfold is almost relaxing. Players can use the skill to highlight multiple enemies, who all share the same fate. Hitting one enemy will result in the same ending for all those that highlighted.

Despite the added skill set, however, there is very little room for error as a mistimed attack or block could lead to a vital death. Nevertheless, this only adds to the excitement that gamers will experience when playing “Dishonored 2.”

Another addition that was made to the game, thanks to the developments made in gaming consoles, is a facelift on the steampunk aesthetic. Now, players will face against clockwork enemies.

"Dishonored 2" can be pre-ordered now on Steam for US$59.99 (AU$80) and will be available by Nov. 11.