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The "Disgaea" games are considered to be some of the most complex tactical role-playing games that have ever come from Japan. Each iteration mixes cute and quirky characters wit h insane difficulty levels and interesting storylines that range from insecure demon children wanting to rule the world to schools that reward students for not doing their homework and cutting class, it's clear that developer Nippon Ichi Software is always trying to outdo itself.

Come fall of 2015 the company might just do that again, as the latest entry to the franchise "Disgaea: 5 Alliance of Vengeance" will be making its next generation debut, with Eurogamer confirming that it will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4. Despite the title, this is actually the 6th game of the series as the 5th game was an official sequel to "Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness" called "Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness."

There haven't been a lot of story details released, though what is known about the game's story is that it will center on a young demon named Killia and his army of demon rebels as they seek revenge on the evil overlord Void Dark who seeks to enslave the Netherworlds. Judging by the trailer this could be a much darker entry to the franchise compared to the previous games, but according to PlayStation Blog that is not the case as they said the game will have hilarious writing and over-the-top animations.

In keeping with the tradition of the series, the game will be full of customizable characters for your party with over 40 races to assign and over 40 character classes to choose from. Players will also be able to explore the Netherworlds and recruit high-ranking characters to their party.

A few new features have also been announced by IGN such as a battle system that is dependent on the strength of the character relationships and a stat boosting system for the party that is built on revenge. Previous game modes and features will return, though what they are is still unknown.

With elements new and old introduced, this should make the "Disgaea" faithful very happy. "Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance" will be released in Japan on March 26 2015 with an unspecified fall release date for the US and Europe as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Disgaea 5 - Announcement Trailer (Credit: Youtube/IGN)