Destiny Gjallarwing
The Gjallarwing Sparrow will be a preorder bonus for "Destiny" Rise of Iron. Bungie

The Gjallarhorn is not the only weapon that fans can get for preordering “Destiny Rise of Iron.” Another item, the Gjallarwing Sparrow has just joined the bundle.

Developer Bungie has confirmed via press release and during the livestream that the silver and black iron steed, seen in the image above, will be part of the game.

“We were working on the Iron Gjally, and rediscovering the detail and elegance was pretty moving. As we started to build our sparrow list, well, I think it was something like “Oh, hell yeah!” said Bungie Art Lead Keith Bachman.

If you’re interested to see a closer look at the Ghallarwing Sparrow, there’s an official trailer already available below. Just get ready to feel like watching a cross between an Olympics demo and a TV ad for a new vehicle—which the Gjallarwing Sparrow actually is.

Bungie also gave fans a sneak peek of a meeting with developers, where it had revealed some of its plans for “Destiny.” In the Weekly Bungie Update, the developer showcased some snapshots of the special teams taking the stage for their own celebration of Bungie Day.

Here, there were a few glimpses of where the franchise will be in the future. One of the images shows a screen with a blurred-out image, which hints at more possible content to come to “Destiny.” Bungie promised that there will be more sneak peeks in the future, and hopefully less blurred images that fans can indulge in.

As far as the near future is concerned, Bungie will be coming to gamescom in Germany. This is also where the next scheduled livestream for “Destiny” will be held and where another Crucible will be opened and featured for players.

Other gamers are expected to be part of the mobile streaming. From the looks of it, they will also have something to reveal to the fans with respect to what’s coming to “Destiny.” For those who are interested, the players who will be featured include The Peasant Guard, PlayStation Access, Inside PlayStation,, ZombiesFaktory. InsideGamer, Soki, Gamereactor TV and more.

Gjallarwing Sparrow trailer (Credit: YouTube/destinygame)