Destiny Rise of Iron
'Destiny Rise of Iron' is coming to PS4 and Xbox One consoles on Sept. 20. Activision

“Destiny” Rise of Iron is the anticipated expansion coming to Bungie’s latest title. Before it officially becomes available to players, Game Informer took it for a spin to get a firsthand account of what players can see in the game.

One of the highlights for “Destiny Rise of Iron” is the introduction off the Plaguelands The source did say that players should temper their expectations as to the additional areas in the expansion. While Rise of Iron introduces an extension of Old Russia, there are some aspects like the snowy effects and the Lord’s Watch that spices up the landscape.

Another thing to look forward to is the addition of SIVA, or also known as Ironsbane. It seems like a nanotechnology that has a self-organising quality to it. Though it has been used to organise and expand humanity’s golden age, and the eventual fall of the substance into the Fallen Splicers may have changed the course.

As far as the loot and rewards go, “Destiny Rise of Iron” will introduce Iron Engrams. The reward for these are older Year 1 and Year 2 armour pieces to expand players’ collections. There are also Radiant Treasures, though these have a similar feel to Sterling Treasures first brought in the April Update. These can be obtained either through in-game missions or through microtransactions.

A recent Behance sighting is also now gaining some traction after fans have started speculating that the images in the site may be some concept designs for “Destiny 2.”

Over at Reddit, fans are talking about the work of one Aziz Dosmetov. His concept art display is not a confirmation from Bungie, but considering that he has a track record with work for “Destiny: The Taken King,” it won’t be a surprise if some of these lads in the final game.

If that’s not enough of a ground for speculation, the OP of the Reddit post has updated that the posts for “Destiny 2” have already been taken down. Whether it was the own creator’s decision or a directive from the developer has not yet been confirmed.

For those who may have missed the images, Reddit user TravelerHD has managed to save them in Imgur, seen here. Based on the design, “Destiny 2” features a lot of elements of fire, with some of the concept art showing what appears to be a glowing fighter holding a round shield. Perhaps close-combat and melee may be one of the focus of “Destiny 2.”

“Destiny 2’ is expected sometime in 2017. For now, fans can look forward to “Destiny Rise of Iron” on Sept. 20 to the PS4 and Xbox One.