Destiny Iron Banner
"Destiny" Iron Banner is happening this week with new rewards. Bungie

Before Gamescom hits, “Destiny” developer Bungie is set to deliver some new things about its upcoming “Destiny Rise of Iron” expansion.

Based on new information spotted by Gamingbolt, it looks like the developer is planning to bring more features that have been on fans’ request lists. One of these is the Ointment Shader. According to the report, fans have been requesting this feature, and it seems that Bungie may be including it once “Destiny Rise of Iron” hits.

Additionally, one other feature, which is choosing the kind of faction rank up rewards, may also be granted to players with the next expansion. This will surely amp the game for long-time players, and even give them a reason to look forward to the planned sequel coming sometime own the road.

Gamescom is just the first stop, and in the latest Bungie update, the developer has also teased its attendance to the European event in Germany. As expected, there will be some reveals for the upcoming expansion.

“If you can place yourself at gamescom, do come and see us. We’ll be in the Sony booth. That’s in Hall 7, as if you had to guess. Destiny will be playable—but we won’t say yet what you’ll be able to play. Nevertheless, queue up to get your hands on a controller,” the developer said in the update.

For this week, “Destiny” fans can look forward to a time-limited Iron Banner multiplayer event starting on Aug. 16. The event will feature Clash, which will give players an enjoyable week to go shooting all they want, as per the official Bungie update.

Iron Banner is not just about the actual gameplay but also the rewards. Players can expect some new armour and weapons. PlayStation players can look forward to exclusive content. A sample of the new armour can be seen above.

The Iron Banner will end on Aug. 23 at 2:00 a.m. PT. Players who are looking to participate should note that the event will be two hours later than normal. This is to give way to a maintenance window happening on Aug. 16 and starting at 9:00 a.m. PDT.