This week, a lot is set to happen in “Destiny.” Bungie has been updating fans who have been eager to get new content and new information on what will debut in the game in the coming weeks.

Following the big announcement of “Destiny 2” now in the works as it is set to come in 2017, Bungie has been gearing Guardians up for the updates that will come in spring before the sequel. The developer has promised that more updates will be coming for the Content Roadmap, according to Bungie’s update post.

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Still, for those who want to go for a nice ride with some of Bungie’s designers in Dreadnaught, the developer has also just announced a new livestream dubbed as the Dreadnaught Ride Along. Set for 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time on March 2, Bungie will be revealing some secrets and loot in the fortress. It seems that the secrets of the Dreadnaught are not yet fully revealed.

The new Weekly reset has also commenced for “Destiny” following the Iron Banner event. This time, the new King’s Fall Challenge Mode will be on Golgoroth. What this means for the fireteam is that each member will need to hold Golgoroth’s gaze in the same phase and in succession, Inquisitr reported.

This has been done before, with the strategy requiring the normal single orb and single gaze holder. For “Destiny” players who get to finish it on Normal mode will get 310 armour piece without the helmet and a Calcified Fragment. Those who go on Hard mode will get a 320 armour piece, 320 artifact and an emblem on top of the normal loot.

For the Nightfall, the action is on the Psion Flayers, which “Destiny” players will need to face to save the remaining ancient network. The modifiers for Nightfall is even—enemies will be stronger due to the Epic modifier, giving them more shield protection, aggressive attacks and bigger numbers. Players will also need to take care to avoid being airborne due to Grounded modifier and more strategic in using abilities due to the Trickle Modifier. Still, thanks to Brawler, Guardian melee damage is greatly increased.

"Destiny" sequel announcement (Credit: YouTube/TechnoPluz)