The February update in "Destiny" comes with a new event called "Crimson Days." Bungie

“Destiny” players can look forward to a few new things even before the February Update hits. In the newly named Bungie Weekly Update, the developer has given some new hints as to what else will be coming for the month.

It appears that Crimson Days will debut in tandem with the 2.1.1 Update. More than the additional content and modes, the February Update will also bring in some changes in the player experience. According to the official Bungie blog, the developer will be introducing a change in the Special Ammo economy in Crucible.

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“Destiny” Senior Designer Derek Carroll stated that some matches, there will no longer be any Special Ammo at the start. This will remove the frustrating start-off moments wherein snipers take advantage of the opening sprint to do headshots before the actual action begins.

“Sniper rifles and shotguns, in particular, inspire great happiness or sadness depending on which end of the weapon you find yourself,” said Carroll in the blog. “We wanted to somewhat delay that gratification (and sadification).”

Of all the playlists that will experience the change, only Rumble is safe from the new ammo policy. This is because all 3v3 playlists will experience the Special Ammo economy.

For solo fliers and fighters, Bungie is also introducing the Freelance playlists. These are 6v6 or 3v3 mixed-mode playlists that are limited to solo players. This means there will be no Fireteams allowed. However, these playlists are only available on a weekly rotation via the Director.

On the one hand, introducing Freelance playlists will bring teams on a level playing field. On the other hand, there is also variety and diversity in the way that the players will experience matchmaking. That way, they will not end up with the same combinations time and again. This is a great addition for players who want to fight with other like-minded solo fliers to form a team.

The new changes and additions to “Destiny” come at an interesting time. Just recently, GamesRadar has spotted a leaked email, wherein the developer has been asking players why they haven’t been logging into “Destiny.”

According to the report, the email was sent to players who have not signed in to the game. There are a couple of choices, most of which are connected to some aspect of “Destiny,” such as the player running out of things to do in the game, having no one to play with, finding the content too challenging, and disliking the changes that have been done to the game or the repetitiveness of activities.

The new changes in “Destiny” may be the developer’s first step towards ensuring that the team is doing everything it can for the players. For now, new content and some gameplay changes will make for a more interesting run this month in “Destiny.”

"Destiny" Crimson Days details (Credit: YouTube/My name is Byf)