David Beckham still misses his football days. The retired English football captain said that he would be lying if he said he does not miss the game. He said that even when he turns 50 he will miss the game.

“I still get these huge pangs of regret that I’m not out there anymore. And the really weird thing is, I still think that, if I put my mind to it, I would be able to go out there and perform again,” Beckham said.

However, the father-of-four, who now aspires to be an actor, is seriously considering playing the big screen’s famous agent, James Bond, Mirror UK reported. He is reportedly being considered to play the character, according to Daily Star .

It has been reported that Daniel Craig’s contract is ending soon, and Beckham’s fans are encouraging him to put forward his name for the role.

The 40-year-old, however, wants to practice and learn more about acting before he takes a plunge into Hollywood. The retired footballer knows that acting is a tough profession, but he is fine with the criticism that he may have to face.

The senior Beckham said that he is aware that several sportspersons who have tried their hand in acting have failed. He added that he would not push himself into it too soon, as the art needs discipline and hard work.

Becks, as he is popularly called, made a cameo appearance in Guy Ritchie’s new film “The Man from UNCLE,” and he has a 13-line speaking role as a grotesque knight in “Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur.”

For his first speaking role, Beckham practiced a lot, rehearsing for an hour every day with a person who was sent by Ritchie. Meanwhile, the British filmmaker has said that Becks has a promising acting career ahead of him .

Recalling his shooting days, Beckham said that it was nerve-racking. He also said that both acting and sports generate the same thrill.

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