Dark Souls 3
"Dark Souls 3" will be released on April 12 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Bandai Namco

“Dark Souls 3” is finally out for those in North America. Even with the rolled out patch that fixes the framerate run of the PC version, it seems that there are still a couple of bugs that can break players’ run with the game.

One particular bug is giving “Dark Souls 3” players an even harder time to get through the game. Gamezone reported that one bug crashes the game whenever the players approach the first bonfire. In the event that this is cleared, however, there are still a couple of issues, such as a possible crash at the Firelink Shrine or a random crash when playing.

Developer FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco have not yet given any official statements about this. But considering how a patch has already been rolled out for optimisations, it is possible that the developer is already working on a fix.

More than the game crashing bug, there are also a few other issues that PC players are currently encountering in “Dark Souls 3.” There is one in particular wherein “Dark Souls 3” flickers once the player boots up the game. According to Segment Next, one fix that players can do for this is to make sure that the screen’s refresh rate matches the one in-game, which is 60Hz.

Other players may have experienced the white screen right after launching the game following a crash. The source suggests opening the options.ini file then changing the default resolution. Sadly, for those who are thinking of playing the game on 1080p will have to sacrifice high resolution to avoid this problem.

Another issue seen by Gamunation is the reported 60-second crash. Some players have reportedly encountered crashes while playing “Dark Souls 3” which come every 60 seconds. One fix to get this out of the way is to expand the virtual memory for both the Windows 7 and 8 OS.

As far as the game goes, one YouTube user has spotted a couple of other bugs while playing. Seen below, the video shows some issues, such as the chair not breaking when hit with a weapon, a defeated enemy freezing after he is hit and clear hits that are not reflected as damage among opponents.

"Dark Souls 3" PC bugs (Credit: YouTube/TheJamesyc98)