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Actress Jodelle Ferland arrives at the 31st Genie Awards in Ottawa March 10, 2011. Ferland is a cast member of the Syfy TV series titled "Dark Matter." She portrays the character Five, who's also known as Das and Emily Kolburn in the show. REUTERS/Chris Wattie

The "Dark Matter" TV series cast, which includes Marc Bendavid as One/Jace Corso/Derrick Moss, Melissa O'Neil as Two/Rebecca/Portia Lin, Anthony Lemke as Three/Marcus Boone/Titch, Alex Mallari Jr. as Four/Ryo Tetsuda/Ryo Ishida, Jodelle Ferland as Five/Das/Emily Kolburn, Roger Cross as Six/Griffin Jones/Lt. Kal Varrick, Mishka Thebaud as Adrian Maro and Zoie Palmer as The Android, will have a new episode titled "Isn't That a Paradox?" airing on Friday, July 28 on Syfy. It will show the Raza and its crew being transported through space and time. Read on to learn more about it.

Spoiler alert: This article contains more 'Dark Matter' spoilers. Read on only if you want to know more about what happens in 'Isn't That a Paradox?'

"Dark Matter" TV series season 3, episode 9 will feature the Raza's blink drive self-activating during a diagnostic, a Syfy press release states. Because of this, the ship and its crew will travel unexpectedly through time and space. According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Peter DaCunha as Ethan and Tomaso Sanelli as Jake will be the guest stars in this episode. It was directed by Craig David Wallace.

'Dark Matter' episodes

'Wish I Could Believe You'

The episodes before "Isn't That A Paradox?" were "Wish I Could Believe You" and "Hot Chocolate." "Wish I Could Believe You" was aired on July 14. It showed Six being rescued by the Raza from the attack on his colony. Aside from this, he also had visions of his past life, and it includes a wife and a kid.

Eventually, Six realised that what he was experiencing was a mere simulation to extract the location of a meeting that the Ferrous Corp scientists needed. He also found out that his wife had remarried. Meanwhile, Sarah (Natalie Brown) longed for more social interaction. The episode was directed by Paul Day and written by Ivon Bartok.

'Hot Chocolate'

"Dark Matter" season 3, episode 8 featured Ryo asking an accomplice to hack and control the Android. By doing so, he was able to enter the ship in an effort to recover the blink drive.

Meanwhile, Six hosted a conference of delegates from the Raza's rebel colonies. Upon boarding the Raza, Ryo and his soldiers captured Two, Three and Six. Thankfully, Five wasn't caught and was able to free the Android to take over the Raza. Ryo eventually retreated, but he is still determined to get the blink drive next time. However, when the Raza crew tried to repair it, they were suddenly knocked unconscious. "Hot Chocolate" aired on July 21. It was written by Lawren Bancroft-Wilson and directed by John Stead.

The episodes after "Isn't That A Paradox?" are "Built, Not Born," which will air on Aug. 4 and "The Dwarf Star Conspiracy," which airs on Aug. 11. "Dark Matter" TV series airs on Syfy in Australia and the US. It airs on Syfy US at 9/8c on Fridays.

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