Curiosity Mars Controversial Photos: The Rodent, the Flower, the Shiny Object and the Giant Ruins [PHOTOS, VIDEOS]

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Curiosity Mars remains fodder for rich speculations on what exists on the red planet. Several curious elements have been spotted on Martian photos taken by the rover. All findings remain speculation, and viewed by many as product of people's rich imagination. Here are some of the most controversial photos shared via social media networks.

Curiosity Spots a Rodent on Mars?

YouTube user UFO HuntingClouds is a UFO watcher who helps keep track of UFO sightings shared online. He uploaded a Curiosity photo, which he said, featured a snapped rodent.

The video description notes, "Here is a photo of a guinea pig photographed on Mars by the Curiosity Rover SOL 52! When zoomed in you can clearly see the animals face sticking out."

Curiosity Mars Captures a Flower?

In another photo, Curiosity Mars allegedly captured a "flower." The finding was discussed on Above Top Secret forum site. User Arken said the object's irregular form resembled the pistils of a flower.

In reaction to the news, a NASA spokesperson was quoted by MSN as saying, "[the object] appears to be part of the rock. I would guess that the flower was someone's descriptive term for its appearance, not meant as an interpretation that flowers exist on Mars."

"It could be a lot of things, but without some chemical information to back me up, I'd really hesitate to say what it is," Aileen Yingst, of the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona, was quoted by

Curiosity Finds a Shiny Object on Mars was contacted by image editor Elisabetta Bonora, from Italy. She noted "a small metallic-looking protuberance on a rock" from an image taken on Jan. 30. The small object "is probably about 0.5 cm tall, or even smaller," reports the popular science web site.

Rover Curiosity Finds 'Ruins' on Mars?

"I was looking through Mars Curiosity photos and spotted two strange things in one photo! The first object is what appears to be a structure, like a house or maybe some type of ruins and the second object looks like a missile or some other type of metallic object," writes YouTube user jasoningersoll on his video description. Scroll down for the videos.

What do you think of these Curiosity photo observations - wishful thinking or valid suspicions?

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