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Criminal Minds Season 9 is moving towards a big build up for its upcoming milestone, the 200th episode, and it seems that Paget Brewster is not the only returning character for the show.

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A roundup of spoilers and teasers from TV Line reports that, aside another Criminal Minds veteran will be returning to the cast for the special episode. Apparently, this will be the late section chief Erin Strauss (Jayne Atkinson).

"We're getting the core group of people that we've had through the years, said Shemar Moore, who plays Derek Morgan in the show, to TV Line. "The only one missing is Mandy Patinkin."

Let's not forget another character who had resigned from the BAU team before Patinkin left; Elle Greenaway played by Lola Glaudini. However, it's pretty clear that adding these two characters into the mix of the 200th episode will be hopeful at best and hazy at worst, considering the reasons for their leaving in the first place.

Mor-Cia witty banter no more?

In Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 8, Moore fans were treated to a glimpse of just how Derek Morgan is like towards his lady love. Though it has been hinted as an almost passing reference back during the season premiere, viewers now know that Morgan will be dealing with quite a handful for his lady love.

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But this seems to be a progress that took a long time in coming in Criminal Minds. Seeing as how Morgan is, at first look, the tough guy playboy type in the group, he is hardly the one who gets to see any action.

Interviewed in TV Line, Moore admits that Savannah, the lady love, will bring out a side that most viewers don't know about Morgan. "You see this humbled side of Morgan, where he has to realise, 'I've met my match.' I've got somebody on my level. that keeps him on his toes, which is exciting."

However, on the other side of the specter are the longtime Morgan-Garcia fans who have watched the witty, sometimes, dirty, but overall funny banter of the Chocolate Thunder and Baby Girl duo of Criminal Minds.

Admittedly, this may bring some kind of a rift for those who still hope that the two will still find a real romantic moment in the series. But given Garcia's final move in the closing scene, it may be a good transition from Morgan's playboy tease to a real boyfriend material man.

"As long as nothing comes between the 'baby girl' banter, I think the fans will be alright," said Moore to TV Guide.

Sneak peek: All the skeletons come out

And for this week's round of sneak peeks, it'll be a literal peek at the skeletons uncovered in a Virginia Home along with family secrets that the BAU team will be in charge of digging out.

Also, in Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 9, Esai Morales goes back onscreen as section chief Mateo Cruz, reports Spoiler TV. It's interesting to see how his next interaction with JJ will go and how it may affect the buildup towards the Criminal Minds 200th episode, which will showcase the JJ's secrets.

Check out the trailer in the link to get a glimpse of the next episode titled Strange Fruit.