It seems like this is Microsoft's time to tout the features and games for its Xbox One, considering that many are hoping for a more positive launch experience with the PS4's rival.

Technically, the Xbox One has been received by a number of gamers already, after the 150-accidentally-shipped consoles made their way out of the stores. And because of this, some more details have been leaked regarding what the Xbox One has in store.

GearNuke reports that the Xbox One allows calibrating your TV so that you can view videos and play games at the best calibrations for the best experience. There's also a universal remote to use with the Xbox One.

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This is in addition to other reports that the Xbox One user interface only takes a snappy 17 seconds to load and even snappier when switching between apps.

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More details for the Machinima App

Microsoft has also been putting some effort on the Machinima App, where you have a Machinima Wingman when you enjoy some of the games played on the Xbox One.

Apparently, there will be 30 videos coming out at launch for each game title, and has just announced that there will be four titles with these exclusive videos, namely Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome.

Back then, Microsoft has announced that the Machinima App will give you some tips and tricks on playing the game (thus the appropriateness of the term wingman).

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Machinima is also good for getting media achievements, as previously reported. Some of these achievements, from the simpler License and Registration (download the Machinima App) and n00b (watch a video on the app) to the harder ones like TV Rots Your Brain (1,000 videos watched via Machinima App) and Oversharer (shared 10 videos on Facebook with the Machinma App).

There are a total of 10 achievements so far reported, including a secret one that would require a bit of work to get it. Check out the link above to see the entire list of achievements.

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Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3 achievements revealed

Two of the main attraction games for the Xbox One have had their achievements revealed via VG 24/7.

For Dead Rising 3, you can get 52 achievements that are worth a total of 1,000 points. Some of these include completing different chapters to get achievements like Starter, Quarantined, Family Man, and The Doctor is Out, while combo creations can lead to achievements like Duct Tape Master, Customizer, and Master Mechanic.

There are also achievements where you need to defeat seven particular characters and get you an achievement that is named after the seven deadly sins, and each of them will get you 25 points each. Check out the entire list of achievements on Xbox360 Achievements.

The same goes for Killer Instinct, where you have 94 achievements that will garner you 1,000 points for all. The easier ones like Jago Novice, which needs you to reach 30 fight titles with the character earns you 20 points, while a Stylish Jago, achieved when you purchase a skin for Jago will get you 10 points.

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Winning ranked matches playing as different characters can earn you Competitive Achievements, each worth 5 points, while reaching 150 fight titles playing as a particular character will get you 10 points each.

The complete list of Killer Instinct achievements can be found in Xbox360 Achievements.