Actor Santino Fontana portrays an interesting character named Greg Serrano in CW’s musical comedy-drama series “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” The viewers of the new show will get to know more about Fontana as the 33-year-old actor talked about his experiences on work and relationships in a recent interview.

In “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Season 1, Fontana’s character Greg had a crush on Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) in the beginning. Rebecca gave up her job in New York City and moved to West Covina to reunite with ex-boyfriend Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III), who is a good friend of Greg.

Fontana shared in an interview with She Knows that “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is his favorite TV show and he is currently having fun portraying character Greg Serrano. When asked what TV character he could portray, Fontana responded that he would like for his next character to be a homeless person.

Fontana has revealed that his first job was for a contracting company. “It was an office job for the summer where I basically was doing accounting things and writing down numbers. It only lasted like a month,” the 33-year-old actor further added.

Meanwhile, Fontana believes he will be a writer who lives on a lake if he did not have an acting career. “Well, I should say lawyer, but I think I would be a writer,” Fontana told She Knows.

Fontana also recounted during the interview that the best date he experienced was his first date with wife Jessica Hershberg at a restaurant in New York. As for his first kiss moment, Fontana shared that it was “scarring and traumatic” because he was only 12 years old and it happened in a play.

“And the girl that I had to kiss was 16 and I was scared to death. I had never kissed anybody. I was 12!” Fontana shared. When asked about the craziest thing that an ex-girlfriend ever did to him, Fontana also described the experience as “dead serious and frightening.”

Fontana recounted that everything was normal and fine between him and the girl he was seeing until she played some music on her iPod at her house during their date. “And then she stopped it and I was just sitting there and she just looked at me and said, 'You hate my music, don't you?' And that's when I knew that that relationship was over,” Fontana revealed.

When asked about what song from “Frozen” he sings the most at home, Fontana, who is the voice behind “Frozen” character Prince Hans, stated that he does not sing any song from the Disney film but he really likes all of the songs.

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” has aired its winter finale episode last Monday. However, details on the mid-season premiere schedule of CW’s new TV series from the lengthy break are still unknown.

In a previous report, the CW Network has confirmed that “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” as well as “iZombie” will get additional episodes. Fans of the musical comedy series can see more of Santino Fontana as Greg Serrano when “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Season 1 returns.

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