Coronation Street
Street sign on Coronation Street Studio set, Manchester, England, Sept. 2000 Wikimedia Commons/Andrea_44

The "Coronation Street" cast, which includes Patti Clare (Mary), Romeo Cheetham-Karcz (George), Victoria Ekanoye (Angie), Paddy Wallace (Jude), Malcolm Hebden (Norris), Daniel Brocklebank (Billy), Debbie Rush (Anna), Harry Visinoni (Seb), Sam Robertson (Adam), Connor McIntyre (Phelan) and Ellie Leach (Faye), will be featured in the "Corrie" episodes on Friday. Some of the scenes they will be part of include Mary taking out baby George for a trip, baby George being rushed to the hospital and Gina embarrassing Sally at her soiree.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains additional 'Coronation Street' spoilers 2017. Read on if you want to know more about the new 'Corrie' episodes on Friday.

According to Digital Spy, the first episode of "Corrie" on Friday will show Mary taking baby George out for one last trip before he goes away. Unfortunately, she'll fail to return. Adam will eventually find her hiding in the flower shop with George. He'll warn her to return home as soon as possible or she'll risk losing her family for good. Meanwhile, Angie will get worried about George as well as the possibility of missing their flight. Thankfully, Jude will be there to help calm her down.

Something's wrong with George

Mary will return home and apologise for what she did. However, Norris will notice that something's wrong with George. As for Anna, she'll inform Seb about a place that might have a job for him. Plus, Phelan won't be able to notice the danger that awaits him. Billy will also struggle with guilty feelings over what he did. This episode will air at 5:30 pm BST on ITV.

Baby George is rushed to the hospital

The second "Corrie" episode on Friday will feature baby George being rushed to the hospital. Angie, Mary, Norris and Jude will be filled with worry as they wait for more information from the doctor about George's condition. They'll also be anxious to see him. Meanwhile, Sally will be embarrassed by Gina at her soiree. Elsewhere, Faye will wonder what's going on with Anna and Seb when she overhears the former telling the latter that they can't meet again on their usual time. This episode will air on ITV at 8:30 pm. Click here to see some photos featuring the scenes on Friday.

'Coronation Street' recap

The previous "Corrie" episodes that were aired on Wednesday and Monday showed Chesney (Sam Aston) collapsing at the kebab shop and Summer (Matilda Freeman) keeping and using a strange-looking cigarette that was found by Simon (Alex Bain) in the changing rooms in school. Phelan also thought about who his next target will be after Andy (Oliver Farnworth). Meanwhile, Summer was found unconscious and rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

Elsewhere, Jackie confirmed that she's pregnant and informed Peter (Chris Gascoyne) and Toyah (Georgia Taylor) about it, who were thrilled about the good news. Last week, Rana (Bhavna Limbachia) kissed Kate (Faye Brookes). As for Adam, he got arrested.

"Coronation St" episodes air weekdays in the UK on the ITV channel. Stay tuned for more "Corrie" updates in the coming days.