Coronation Street star Tristan Gemmill
"Coronation Street" star Tristan Gemmill poses for a photo before he shoots for an episode of the British soap. Gemmill portrays the character Robert Preston in "Corrie." @TristanGemmill‏/Instagram

The "Coronation Street" cast, which includes Tristan Gemmill (Robert), William Flanagan (Joseph), Rob Mallard (Daniel), Kym Marsh (Michelle), Cherylee Houston (Izzy), Katie McGlynn (Sinead), Connie Hyde (Gina), Helen Flanagan (Rosie), Joe Duttine (Tim), Louiza Patikas (Moira), Jim Moir (Colin), Kate Ford (Tracy) and Sam Aston (Chesney), will be featured in the episodes of "Corrie" on Monday. The scenes to watch out for include Robert's accident as he tries to save Joseph and Gina's redesigned skirt design which she'll show to Rosie.

Spoiler Alert! This article has 'Coronation Street' spoilers 2017. Read on if you want to know about the new 'Corrie' episodes on Monday.

Digital Spy reports that the first "Corrie" episode on Monday, which airs in the UK at 7:30 pm GMT on ITV, will feature Daniel's conversation with Michelle about Robert. He'll reveal that Robert didn't go to his doctor's appointment, which will make Michelle worry. Michelle will talk to Robert about it. Unfortunately, he doesn't want to discuss it with her. However, he will promise that he'll get his lump checked out as soon as possible.

Daniel attempts to kiss Sinead

Meanwhile, Sinead will hang out in the pub and get drunk. Daniel will offer to make Sinead a coffee to help her sober up before she fetches Joseph. They will talk about their feelings for each other. Daniel will also try to kiss Sinead.

Robert rescues Joseph

Elsewhere, Joseph will run into the road just as a Bistro van approaches his path. Robert will play the hero and race to rescue Joseph. Plus, Colin will ask Moira to help him search for the truth. As for Gina, she'll show off her redesigned skirt to Rosie. In turn, Rosie will encourage her to go into business by redesigning old clothes.

Robert is rushed to the hospital

The next episode of "Corrie" episode on Monday will show Kate calling an ambulance while Michelle cradles Robert's unconscious body. It turns out he was hit by the Bistro van when he tried to save Joseph. Thankfully, the doctor at the hospital will confirm that Robert will make a full recovery after the accident. Michelle will also learn of Robert's aversion to hospitals from Tracy. Robert doesn't like hospitals since his dad was diagnosed with cancer years ago. That's why he is delaying having his lump checked out.

Meanwhile, Tim will help Gina's business by giving it a much-needed boost. Tracy will also tell Chesney that she saw Sinead going up to Daniel's flat, which will anger Chesney. This episode airs at 8:30 pm GMT on the ITV channel. Click here to see photos from some of the scenes mentioned above.

'Coronation St' recap of last week's episodes

The "Corrie" episodes last week showed several twists and turns in the British soap including Rana (Bhavna Limbachia) having second thoughts about going through with her wedding to Zeedan (Qasim Akhtar). It doesn't help that she shared a passionate kiss with Kate (Tracy Barlow), who professed her love for Rana. Elsewhere, Anna told Gary about Phelan's (Connor McIntyre) latest blackmail plan.

"Corrie Street" airs on ITV in the UK on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Stay tuned for more "Corrie" spoilers.

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