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Australian Stock Market Report – Midday September 9, 2014

The Australian sharemarket is making up for around half of yesterday's 0.36 per cent tumble following choppy global trade overnight. The All Ordinaries Index (XAO) is up 0.2 per cent, with only the energy, industrial and tech industries losing ground. Markets are closed in Hong Kong and South Korea for holidays today. Hong Kong has the region's second biggest market while South Korea is Asia's seventh largest.

Smarty Ring Bluetooth-Enabled Wearable Gadget for Easy Smartphone Alert Checks and Incoming Call Management [WATCH]

The Smarty Ring Bluetooth-enabled wearable gadget for easy smartphone alert checks and incoming call management is finally here! Move over, Samsung Galaxy Gear watch, Pebble Watch and Sony SmartWatch, here comes the latest wearable gadget designed to work in sync with one's smartphone. It is much sleeker, fashionable and easier to wear than the smart watches out there today. It can be worn even if you are dressed casually or dressed to the nines.

Iran May Offer Discounted Oil To Lure Back Old Customers

The Iranian government is considering giving crude price discounts to its former customers as long as Western sanctions against it can be eased in the future, said a senior oil official on Tuesday, in the hopes of seeing a return to their old market share, which had been lost to other Middle Eastern nations.

An ‘Investable’ Turnaround in Oil

The revolution in oil field technology kicked into gear. During that post-crash environment, directional drilling and fracking moved from niche activities by bold but quirky companies, into the North American oil development mainstream.

Silver, The Devil’s Metal

Gold up, markets down. The Dow lost 113 points overnight while gold tacked on about 10 bucks in the US session. Weird.

NZ Post To Issue Prince George Stamps And Coin

The New Zealand Post is issuing a stamp to celebrate the birth of Prince George of Cambridge. This is the first time in the state-owned service's 170-year history that it has featured commemorative issue to mark a Royal birth.

Commodities 2013 Halftime Report: A Time to Mine for Opportunity?

It was a challenging first half of the year for most commodities, with only two resources we track on our Periodic Table of Commodities Returns rising in value. Natural gas and oil rose 6.5 percent and 5 percent, respectively, while silver lost a third of its value and gold lost a quarter of its price from the beginning of the year.

Australia’s Mysterious Natural Gas Shortage

Australia is set to become the world's largest liquefied natural gas exporter. We have a remarkable network of pipeline infrastructure running up and down our east and west coast with tens of thousands of kilometres of pipes delivering enormous daily gas flows from five basins to different demand centres.

3,000 Year Old Logic: Don’t Sell Your Gold

Recently, the London auction house Christie's offered for sale what it described as a 'stunning piece of jewelry'. Christie's advertised a solid gold bracelet that's about 3,000 years old. It dates to the Iron Age, and was unearthed - yes, dug out of the ground - in Portugal, or old pre-Roman Lusitania.