CM Punk is still best known as a star in the wrestling ring, his MMA aspirations hardly gaining steam. British wrestling group 5 Star Wrestling is interested in the man also known as Phil Brooks, who stands to get a generous US$1 million (AU$1.35 million) offer.

5 Star Wrestling founder Daniel Hinkles revealed in an interview with the The Sun that he is exhausting all means to try and lure the former WWE champion into the wrestling ring. They have been in hot pursuit of Punk for over a year now. Hinkles shared that they wanted him as early as 2015 for a show in Edinburgh.

The only difference between then and now is that Hinkles has upped the stakes at US$1 million. With any luck, he hopes to get some feedback from Punk for the event slated to start on June 10.

A 128-person tournament for 5 Star Wrestling is planned next month. It will take place at the Echo Arena in Liverpool with Punk possibly headlining the event.

Punk continues to vouch for another chance inside the Octagon despite a disappointing debut in September last year. The 38-year-old faced upstart Mickey Gall and ended up submitting to a rear-naked choke.

The poor show left lots of questions. UFC President Dana White mentioned that Punk may never fight in the UFC again. Despite those statements, Punk continues to work on his skills despite no assurance.

“Is CM Punk going to be a guy who is going to stay in the UFC and continue to fight? Probably not,” White said on UFC Tonight as reported by Tristen Critchfield of

White is aware of the resilience of Punk but revealed that both have not discussed a potential MMA fight. With an uncertain future, the former wrestler may want to consider the offer being dangled by Hinkles.

Assuming that Punk takes 5 Star Wrestling up with its offer, the former wrestling champion may need to re-orient himself on wrestling. He was last seen in the wrestling ring during the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble before leaving because of disputes.

CM Punk did mention before his plans of not returning to the wrestling ring. Even if he does, it would be under his own terms, Cageside Seats reports. The US$1 million offer may be tempting, but he could end up asking for more than that if 5 Star Wrestling is serious about taking him in.