New Leagues Season Reset.

A new league season reset has been released together with the new legendary arena. This means more rewards for everyone.

In the new league season reset it is very difficult to get to the top wherein players can get more than 6000+ trophies. However, depending on how players use their cards in the game, it could mean a game changer. There are multiple game decks that others players use to get to the top. This guide will help you learn more about the league season as well as different decks that can be used.

League season reset

On top of the new Legendary Arena, the League System starts. There are nine levels in the League System. This includes three Challenger levels, three Master levels and three Champion levels. The first Challenger level requires 4000 up to 4299 trophies. The second Challenger level requires 4300 up to 4599 trophies while the third Challenger level requires 4600 up to 4899 trophies.

In the three Master levels, this includes Master I, Master II and Master III. They require 4900 to 5199, 5200 to 5499 and 5500 to 5799, respectively. On the other hand, the higher levels include Champion, Grand Champion and Ultimate Champion. They require 5800 to 6099, 6100 to 6399 and 6400 and above, respectively.

For players who have not taken part in the League Season before, they will learn that the season will end in one month. This is comparable to the previous season where it would reset after two weeks. Since the season ends in one month, the balance will also be different. If a player finishes the season at one of the Challenger Leagues, their trophies would be reset at 4000 after the season has ended. However, at the Master Leagues and Champions Leagues, players will have their trophies reset at 4300 and 4500 trophies, respectively.

League season rewards

At the end of the season, players will receive a chest with cards that range from 101 to 501, depending on the League level the player is at. The best part about the chest is that players can choose which cards they would want the most. In these League System, every fight still yields the same prizes in the chest as the new Legendary Arena every time a player wins a battle, according to Clash Royale Top Deck.

Decks for the new league season

If there are players looking for decks to reach the top leagues, then they have to be aware of the top cards that are used and how to counter them, if possible. Not all cards can be countered, but there are no special decks to provide players to actually reach the highest level. The game requires quick thinking while using the Elixirs quickly.

According to MoeSport, the latest top decks for the Legendary Arena include:

Deck 1: Royal Giant, Furnace, The Log, Mega Minion, Fire Spirits, Lightning, Skeleton Army and Archers

Deck 2: Skeleton Army, Furnace, Princess, The Log, Miner, Minion Horde, Goblin Barrel and Inferno Tower

Deck 3: Musketeer, Giant, Prince, Zap, Poison, Elixir Collector, Ice Spirit and Mega Minion

Players looking to get to the top spot needs to counter these decks or use these decks to get there. However, the cards would need to be a higher level, which could prove to be costly as it gets more expensive to upgrade. Therefore, using the cards wisely will be a better gameplan.