Chrome’s All-in-One Messenger app Chat on Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp and more at once
Icons of messaging applications WhatsApp of Facebook (L), Laiwang of Alibaba Group (C) and WeChat, or Weixin, of Tencent Group, are seen on the screen of a smart phone on this photo illustration taken in Beijing February 24, 2014. Reuters/Barry Huang

Now there’s no need to have multiple chat windows open to answer messages from different messaging services.

Google Chrome launched a new app on Wednesday called All-in-One Messenger that lets users use messaging services like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype and many more all at once.

The Chrome app is a free Web-based chat that lets users use different messaging services all at the same time and at the same place. This makes it easier for users to keep track of their messages from different platforms and interact with their contacts.

The All-in-One app currently supports 29 messaging services. Aside from the ones mentioned above, it support services like WeChat, Telegram, Yahoo Messenger, Google Hangouts, Slack, HipChat, Grape, Steam Chat, ChatWork, GroupMe, Glitter, Discord, Flowdock, icq, XMPP, Tencent QQ, wire, Mattermost, RocketChat, DingTalk, BearyChat, Dasher, Missive, Zalo, Noysi and Crisp.

Users will just need to download the app from the Chrome webstore and install the app. Once installed, users can choose from a variety of messaging services that they want to be connected to the All-In-One Messenger app. Users will just have to log-in to their accounts then they are all set.

The good thing about All-in-One is that it allows you to use the same messaging services multiple times. This comes in handy for users who have multiple accounts with a messaging service. It’s also convenient for Google Hangout users, who are required to switch their Chrome user account to be able to use multiple accounts.

CNET reports that All-in-One Messenger isn’t new as several all-in-one messaging services have existed before. All-in-One’s main competitions right now are Franz and Rambox that both support a larger list of clients, including Gmail, Inbox and Outlook. Rambox also supports Hushmail, mysms, Voxer, Outlook 365 and many more. Rambox also has Don’t Disturb and Lock features.

Franz and Rambox, though, are native applications, so they can’t be used from a Chrome OS computer. All-in-One is a Chrome app so it’ll work on any Windows, Mac, Linux or Chrome OS computer.