China Rebukes Yellen Over 'Unified Front' Calls Between US, Europe

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US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has helped put the US back at the centre of the global tax plan
US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has helped put the US back at the centre of the global tax plan

China officials on Tuesday decried Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's call for a "unified front" by the U.S. and Europe over China's unfair economic practices and human-rights abuses.   

“China strongly deplores and rejects Treasury Secretary Yellen’s remarks,” said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian. 

Yellen issued an appeal Tuesday with the European Union as President Joe Biden attempts to revive old alliances following Donald Trump's “America First” policies. 

“Together we need to counter the threats to the principles of openness, fair competition, transparency, and accountability,” Yellen said. 

Yellen condemned China's "unfair economic practices" and "human rights abuses," and suggested a union with European allies to confront the threats.

Zhao rejected these claims saying China has “always firmly supported” the agreed-upon trading system under the World Trade Organization. 

The Communist party denies that it steals or pressures American or European companies to hand over technology while shielding its own technology and other industries from competition or violation of its WTO commitments. 

European companies are frustrated they are barred from acquiring most assets in China while Chinese companies spend billions of dollars to acquire foreign technology and brands.

China has denied allegations of genocide and human rights abuses against the Uyghur population and other Muslim ethnic groups. Human rights groups Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have both published reports accusing China of crimes against humanity.

“The U.S. is in no place to judge human rights situations in other countries, and should make more effort in solving its own human rights problems,” Zhao said.

Washington and the EU have imposed travel and financial sanctions on Chinese officials who have been accused of human rights abuses.

Biden has said he wants a better relationship with Beijing but hasn’t said if he would roll back tariffs from the Trump administration.

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