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In the previous episode of “Celebrity Apprentice Australia,” TV host James Mathison was booted by CEO Mark Bouris for failing to communicate well to the presenters during their home shopping channel task. Despite winning as project manager of The Dream Team in Episode 4, Mathison was not responsible enough as a producer in Episode 5, resulting to his dismissal. So far, five people have left the show.

In the sixth episode of “Celebrity Apprentice Australia” Season 4, which aired on Oct. 21 on Nine Network, the teams were reshuffled again. “Big Brother” winner Tim Dormer and model/actress Sophie Monk were returned to their original teams. The new task was focused on catering. Both teams have to operate a food stall at a Sydney Roosters home game. They have to serve fans food and also sell tickets to the Corporate Box. The team to earn the most money wins the challenge.

Tabloid star Gabi Grecko was project manager for Team Fearless, while the returning Tim Dormer was in charge of The Dream Team. Royal Prank DJ Mel Greig of Team Fearless suddenly had to attend to a family emergency and could not join the challenge. The Dream Team was one man short, but Greig’s absence worked to their advantage since both teams were evened out.

During the task, Grecko had a lot of problems leading her team. She had to argue with teammates and try to gain control of the situation. They failed to rake in the needed sales and the food orders overwhelmed the group overall. The Dream Team, led by Dormer, won the challenge in the end.

Grecko, Sophie Monk and Miss Universe Australia Tegan Martin were called to the final boardroom, where they defended themselves from elimination. Bouris found Grecko wholly responsible for the poor performance of the entire team since she was the project manager. Grecko was ultimately fired.

It was actually the second time that Grecko was fired from “Celebrity Apprentice Australia.” She was the first contestant to be eliminated in Episode 1. Real housewife Gina Liano had to leave the show after being diagnosed of a possibly life-threatening disease. Grecko came back in her stead.

Episode 7 of “Celebrity Apprentice Australia” will air on Oct. 28 on Nine Network.

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