Previously on “Celebrity Apprentice Australia” Season 4, Gabi Grecko returned after substituting Gina Liano, who had to leave the show due to health risks.

In episode 4, titled “Yellow Brick Guru,” which aired on Oct. 7, the teams were required to promote a financial investment product named “Guru.” The Dream Team won the task, under the helm of James Mathison.

In episode 5, which aired on Oct. 14, the two teams were reshuffled. Tim Dormer was transferred to Team Fearless, while Sophie Monk was moved to The Dream Team. The teams were then tasked to sell items via television, hence the title, “Live Home Shopping.” The contestants had to fill 25 minutes in a TV home shopping channel selling products, with the goal of raking in huge amounts of cash.

Mel Greig was project manager of Team Fearless, while Richard Reid headed The Dream Team. Both teams did well, as each group had their unique approach in luring viewers to buy their products. Ultimately, Team Fearless won the challenge, sending the other team to contend with show host Mark Bouris.

Richard Reid, James Mathison and Sophie Monk were sent to the final boardroom. It was the previous week’s winning team’s project manager, Mathison, who was fired in the end for failing to communicate well to the presenters and not keeping up with his role as a producer.

Although Mathison was very effective in providing information in the previous week’s challenge, Bouris pointed out his lack of focus and determination in reaching the target audience effectively. Mathison was competing on behalf of the Barnardos Australia charity. During The Dream Team’s victory in Week 4, Mathison earned AU$25,000 as the winning project manager. CEO Bouris was so impressed with their performance that the initial AU$20,000 stake was increased to AU$25,000.

So far, five contestants have been eliminated from the show, namely Mathison, Esther Anderson, Gina Liano, Geoffrey Edelsten and Blake Garvey. Gabi Grecko was fired first but was invited back. More boardroom drama is expected in the following episodes.

Episode 6 of “Celebrity Apprentice Australia” Season 4 will air on Oct. 21. The show airs every Wednesday on Nine Network.

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