Cat S60 review A tough, water-proof smartphone that can see in the dark
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Cat Phones’ new S60 model is a thick and heavy smartphone that won’t be competing for the most beautiful and elegant looking phone in the market. It will be competing, however, for the toughest and most durable phone available.

Smartphones are usually fragile pieces of equipment that makes people cringe and panic every time a smartphone is accidentally dropped on a concrete floor. Not the Cat S60.

According to the Cat Phones website, the S60 is IP68 Certified, which means it has the highest possible protection rating from intrusion and moisture. The smartphone can consistently survive a 1.8-metre drop into concrete.

It’s also dustproof and can last for 60 minutes under water of up to 5-metres. Lastly, the S60 can see in the dark with its 13MP Autofocus rear camera that has a built-in Flir thermal imaging.

CNET reports that the Flir camera app takes 10-15 seconds to launch on the S60. The app also offers nine different filters and can take both photos and videos.

It also has an SOS button that, when pressed for a few seconds, activates an app that sends location alert to emergency contacts.

The problem with the S60 is that its thickness makes it tiresome to hold on to for a while. The phones specifications are also underwhelming compared to other smartphones in the market. And both the front and rear camera has a lot of visible noise and graininess in dark environments.

The thermal imaging, though it sounds cool to have, doesn’t really have much use for everyday routine.

The Cat S60 may be a rugged and appealing phone that has unique features, but it is not a phone that is fit for everyone. It is the perfect phone for people who are working in distressing environments, or those who have a very active, outdoor lifestyle.

The phone can be pre-ordered at the Cat Phone website for 529.99 pounds (AU$920). It is currently available only to UK, but will soon be available in the US and Australia.