Project Fi boosts high speed access abroad
Google's Project Fi has boosted its speed and the access of high-speed data when you travel internationally Google Blog

Project Fi, Google’s program that aims to deliver fast and easy wireless experience, gets a boost for users looking for high-speed data internationally.

According to Google’s blog, subscribers of Project Fi will now have access to high-speed data in 135+ destinations.

These destinations include popular countries such as Australia, China, France, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany and more.

With the boost, Google said that “Fi customers now have access to high-speed data in over 97 percent of the places Americans travel internationally.

Users also don’t need to pay an additional fee to access data abroad, as the same US$10 (AU$13.2) per gigabyte (GB) still applies, even internationally.

Aside from increasing its access, Project Fi also boosted its high-speed data.

Google said only 20 percent of Americans use their cellular data when traveling internationally because it isn’t fast and affordable enough.

But with the addition of Three to its network, Project Fi can now deliver speeds of up to 10-20x faster than before.

“With the addition of faster speeds and more countries for the same fair price, we’re one step closer to making your phone as easy to use abroad as it is at home,” Google said.

CNET reports that the Project Fi program is part of Google’s broader initiative to provide more wireless access to more people.

Project Fi joins Google Fiber, its program that sells very fast internet service, and Project Loon, a program that uses balloons to provide Wi-Fi signals to rural areas.

Google is just one of several companies that aim to connect more people to the internet. The company, though, has no plans on becoming a full-blown wireless carrier.

Project Fi is currently available only to a small number of phones that Google designed, including Nexus 5X and 6P. The Project Fi subscription is also only available to users based in the US.