Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) found themselves trapped in a play-or-die situation on Feb. 22’s episode, titled “The Blame Game.”

The victim in the episode, a beautiful and ambitious TV news producer, was killed in her own apartment. Instead of focusing on the pending investigation, Castle goes to an address. However, he was immediately taken out of consciousness. He later woke up in a classroom with three unknown men.

Judah, Todd and Simon have different histories and all four of them said that they were asked to come to the same address via text. Castle immediately surveyed the environment and realized that whoever brought them there wants to play before killing them.

One of them removed a fire axe from its glass casing and freed a bee, which stung Todd, who immediately went into anaphylactic shock. There were various clues in the room, ordering the captives to play or die. Other clues gave them solutions to life-threatening problems. Later, they discovered a handgun and a note, telling them that the last man standing will be set free.

They tried to fight for the weapon, but Castle reasoned that they can choose not to play. When he told the camera that they were not playing anymore, the TV in the room turned on, showing Beckett, Judah’s girlfriend and Simon’s wife in a similar room. Todd, who is a minister, did not have a partner. The women were also given a variety of clues and objects to play with or risk dying.

As the tension continued to grow, Simon took the gun and fired. However, the bullet moved in reverse, killing him. The captor actually wanted only one of each couple to survive. Later on, the two groups managed to unite after escaping their rooms. They were gathered into another space where they were told that only three of the six of them can escape.

Castle and Beckett later realized that Todd was actually the culprit, also known as Brandon Northcliffe. The killer wanted revenge for the suffering that he and his sister went through as children and selected representatives from the different institutions that wronged them. Castle and Beckett were able to overcome the situation and save the captives in the end.

“Castle” will air next on Feb. 29 on ABC.