Capcom’s “Monster Hunter” series has been gaining a lot of popularity recently, and it is once again expected to steal the spotlight with the upcoming “Monster Hunter X.” A few weeks before Nov. 28, the launch date of the anticipated title in Japan, Capcom released several new videos to increase the hype for the game as well as give players a glimpse of what to expect in the title.

The videos were revealed via the YouTube account of Capcom. Players were treated with the content in “Monster Hunter X.” The set of trailers also reveal the upcoming collaborations in the title.

The first uploaded trailer shows the opening cinematic for “Monster Hunter X.” Its highlight is the four new flagship monsters introduced in the title. The first flagship monster to make an appearance in the cinematic is the mammoth-like Gamuto. The second is the leviathan-type monster named Tamamitsune. The third monster is the wyvern Raizekusu, which battles against one of the series’ most popular monsters, Rathalos. Lastly, the fourth monster to be revealed is also the cover monster for the game, the giant Dinovaldo. Similar to other opening cinematics, the cover monster is seen going up against several hunters.

The other video uploaded by Capcom is the gameplay trailer. “Monster Hunter X” looks to be a new point in the series as it introduces a new mechanic called hunting styles. These hunting styles further ramp up the fighting abilities of players, depending on what playstyle they prefer. Another core gameplay change is the players' ability to use Palicoes during quests. Previous titles only allowed hunters to bring the felines as companions during quests.

The other trailers released are for the upcoming collaborations, which give players access to weapons and armour from other games. As of now, Capcom has yet to detail its plans for the upcoming DLCs in the game, GoNintendo reports. Based on the trailers, the confirmed collaborations include “Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker” and “Macross Delta.”

Credit: YouTube/CapcomChannel

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