Capcom’s “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” has recently received its monthly slew of additional content with October’s batch of free DLC. Similar to the previous DLCs, this set brings more quests, weapons and armours to the hit action game.

The DLC revealed on the Capcom-Unity blog, adds a total of 12 new quests, five new weapons, a new armour set, four unique armour pieces and a new Palico companion named Oliver. Aside from the new additions during hunts, the DLC also adds a new guild card background and eight new guild titles.

One of the best additions in the DLC is the Commemoration Sword, which is a Great Sword that allows for physical and elemental damage along with a slight defense boost. But one of the highlights of the weapon is the three empty slots for decorations, meaning that the weapon can be made compatible with an array of armour sets.

A good compliment to the Commemoration Sword is the added GX Hunter Armour set that contains high armour ratings and points to certain skills. Like the Commemoration Sword, the new armour set comes with three empty slots per armour piece, which means players can adjust the armour’s skills to their liking.

Capcom began supplementing the “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” with free DLC since March. This month brings the second to last content for free, but new players can still download all of the DLCs through the game.

Coming in time with the last free batch of “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” DLCs is the next game in the series, “Monster Hunter X.” The new installment is set to release in Japan on Nov. 28, but there’s no confirmation of a Western release yet. However, it is likely that the game will be released outside of Japan, as “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” is a massive hit in other territories.

Last April, the game has sold over one million copies. It reached the million sale mark in just two months after its release in North America and Europe in February, Destructoid reports. The milestone was supplemented with another achievement as the series also surpassed more than 32 million series sales worldwide.

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