Capcom’s “Monster Hunter” series is a very popular franchise in Japan, selling millions of copies and spawning several games in the country alone. The game has only recently gained popularity in other regions, ever since it focused more on online multiplayer. Now, the latest entry in the series, “Monster Hunter Ultimate 4,” has reached a new milestone.

Last April, “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” shipped over a million units in Western territories. According to the new announcement by Capcom, the game has officially shipped over four million copies worldwide. This include both the digital and physical copies of “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. ” The new milestone, combined with the sales of all the titles in the franchise, brings the total sales to an impressive 33 million units worldwide.

The sudden popularity of the game is said to be due to a number of factors. “Monster Hunter” was a popular title on the PSP, but it lacked a good online multiplayer system. Playing online required players to connect their PSP to the PlayStation 3 system and play via Ad Hoc party.

Since the game's transition into the 3DS, playing the title online became easier, with wireless connection as the only requirement. The game pits one to four players against monsters of varied sizes.

"In North America and Europe, sales have benefited from online cooperative gameplay via the Internet, as well as user engagement via events and online community activities, a downloadable demo targeted at newcomers to the series, and an effective simultaneous roll-out with the launch of the New Nintendo 3DS,” Capcom said.

Capcom also gave fans a selection of content every month, Gamespot reports. The content ranged from new weapons, armours to build, new quests and even new felyne companions called Palicoes.

The series could see more updates especially with a new title set for release soon. The next main entry in the series is “Monster Hunter X,” which is scheduled for a Nov. 28 release in Japan. Given the success of “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate,” the game could also be given a Western release soon.

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