The Liberal Party has convincingly secured victory in the Canadian general elections 2015. With minimum 170 seats required for majority, Justin Trudeau’s party is leading with more than 180 seats now.

While results are still partial, it seems to be the end of the Conservative rule going on for nine years. Trudeau, apparently all set to be the next prime minister of the country, is no stranger to the designation. His late father Pierre Trudeau was a former prime minister of Canada. The senior Trudeau led Canada for almost 16 years before his retirement in 1984.

Canadian PM Stephen Harper has accepted defeat while his Conservative Party is leading in more than 100 seats, not enough to win the election. He said he had already congratulated Trudeau. Harper said his party would accept the results “without hesitation.” Harper has told his supporters that the people “are never wrong.”

Harper, on the other hand, has not talked about his political future while talking to his supporters in Calgary. However, his party has released a statement declaring that Harper is going to resign as leader of the Conservatives.

Trudeau, meanwhile, addressed his supporters after the nation, according to him, got “a clear message” that it was “time for a change.” "Sunny ways my friends. Sunny ways," CBC News quoted Trudeau as talking to his jubilant supporters.

"We beat fear with hope, we beat cynicism with hard work,” the BBC quoted Trudeau as saying. “Most of all we defeated the idea that Canadians should be satisfied with less.” He said it was the result of “positive politics” while he appreciated Harper’s efforts as a prime minister.

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