Call of Duty Black Ops 3 The Giant
"Call of Duty Black Ops 3" The Giant map is now available as a solo purchase. Activision

Treyach has announced the release of a standalone Zombies map, The Giant, for “Call of Duty Black Ops 3.” Originally offered as a bonus, it will now be out for PS4, Xbox One and PC players, in time for the anticipated next saga of the Zombies mode.

In a press release from Treyarch, the developer announced that the Der Riese remake will be sold for AU$8.95. It used to be the bonus for “Call of Duty Black Ops 3” Juggernog Edition, Hardened Edition, Digital Deluxe Editions and the Season Pass, though now it’s offered solo for fans.

PS3 players have the advantage of being the first to access and purchase The Giant for the same price as above. It will be available on other last-gen platforms at a later, still-unannounced date. Fans can check out the trailer accompanying the announcement in the official Activision blog.

There’s also a new trailer released for “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’ Zombies mode. Seen below, the trailer’s main focus is Edward Richtofen, a German scientist who is also one of the playable characters in the Zombies mode.

Already, fans are discussing the trailer over at Reddit. Some fans have expressed appreciation on the evolution of the Zombies mode.

“It’s beautiful, to be honest, ‘Black Ops 3’ is my favourite zombies game due to the amount of effort they put into the characters, the story, the maps, it’s just amazing how far zombies has come,” said Reddit user TheCelestialSpectre.

“[Black Ops 3] zombies has been fantastic. Good levels, actually challenging map goals, introduction of weapon attachments and gobblegums and going further in depth with the origins crew which are far better characters than the Original 4. Can’t wait for the last 2 maps,” said one stauf1515.

Others have speculated that, while the buildup towards the end of the saga is strong, there is still a possibility of another reset or another saga. The trailer features mostly narration by Richtofen, who keeps hinting that he has been doing bad things, but one that he felt had been for the right purpose. There are no gameplay footage or zombies, but it’s an intriguing buildup, nonetheless.

"Call of Duty Black Ops 3" Zombies Richtofen trailer (Credit: YouTube/Treyarch)