Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x07
The squad celebrates Thanksgiving together with Amy’s dad on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ S04E07. Fox/Brooklyn Nine-Nine Official Facebook Page

Jake (Andy Samberg) tries to impress Amy's (Melissa Fumero) father who’s coming over for Thanksgiving dinner while Holt (Andre Braugher) helps Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas) live with the reality that he is no longer a police officer on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” season 4, episode 7 (Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x07).

Spoiler alert: This recap contains plot details about season 4 of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” The fourth season premiered Sept. 20. The series is available for Australian viewers to watch on SBS every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m.

Amy is having the squad over at her place for Thanksgiving dinner. She is worried about the feast’s preparations because her dad, Victor (Jimmy Smits), is coming over as well. Jake fetches Victor at the airport and pretends to share the same interests with him.

Victor, who is a former cop, eventually busts Jake’s façade and finds his research notes about him. Victor confesses that he also did his own research on Jake. He tells Jake that he doesn’t want him and Amy together because he’s a screw-up who is “not allowed within 500 feet of Taylor Swift.” The two finally make peace after solving one of Victor’s old cases together.

Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) is assigned by Amy to do the turkey, but Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) and Gina (Chelsea Peretti) refuse to let him kill the bird. Boyle is forced to battle with the turkey after Rosa and Gina release it from its cage. He ultimately tames the bird using Gouda cheese.

Pimento is told that he is not allowed to rejoin the force since he disappeared for seven months without proper notice. Holt convinces him to become a private investigator instead. Holt lends him $2,000 so he could get his P.I. license, but Pimento bets the money on a dog show. Holt initially scolds Pimento about it, but both end up celebrating like best friends after Pimento wins the $70,000 grand prize.