‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ S04E10
Jake and Charles face off against a Latvian criminal ring while the rest of the squad stink up the Christmas carol competition on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ S04E10. Fox/Brooklyn Nine-Nine Official Facebook Page

Jake (Andy Samberg) and Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) take on a Latvian criminal ring while the rest of the Nine-Nine stink up the Christmas carolling competition on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” season 4, episode 10 (Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x10).

Spoiler alert: This recap contains plot details about season 4 of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” The fourth season premiered Sept. 20. The series is available for Australian viewers to watch on SBS every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m.

Charles is worried that the Christmas present he ordered for his son Nikolaj (Antonio Raul Corbo) hasn’t arrived yet. The “Captian Latvia” action figure just so happens to be a hot holiday item and extremely rare in the US. He finds out from the shipping company that a Latvian gang that smuggles weapons and merchandise may have possession of the toy.

Charles tries to aggressively pursue the gang on his own before Jake knocks him out and convinces him that Nikolaj would rather have his father alive than be killed for going after an action figure. Charles leaves for home and Jake takes over the operation.

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Unfortunately, “Captain Latvia” was not saved. Jake instead hands Charles a police doll for his son. Nikolaj is ecstatic about his present, which reminds him of his Papa Charles.

Meanwhile, Holt (Andre Braugher) and the rest of the squad’s meeting is interrupted by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), the precinct’s arch nemesis when it comes to the annual charity carolling competition. Holt gathers his group and they practice their vocal chords only to realise they had no shot at winning. Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) even tries to rap, spitting “Pop! Pop! Droppin’ bodies. It’s a stick up, you punk a—” before Holt interrupts him.

They suddenly hear someone from afar singing with an angelic voice. Unfortunately for them, the “angel” turns out to be a jailed, drunk criminal named Patrick (Lance Barber). Holt and the squad deliberate on whether they could let Patrick sing with them at the competition to stand a chance against the MTA group that has won the contest for consecutive years. Terry (Terry Crews) isn’t so sure about the idea but ultimately goes along when Amy (Melissa Fumero) says “the drunk sings.”

Backstage, before the start of their performance, Holt assigns Amy to “silent mouth percussion” for being a terrible singer. When Patrick goes on stage, he stares blankly at the audience then walks out due to stage fright before he could even deliver a single line. The group is stunned.

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Holt tries to salvage the situation by faking a bomb emergency. Backstage, Amy gets Patrick drunk so he can muster the courage to sing. The Nine-Nine is allowed to get back on stage and sing again. Patrick belts out the first couple of lines of “Joy to the World” perfectly, but unfortunately changes the lyrics thereafter and tells the audience that “New York City sucks” before plummeting down the stage.

The squad goes for a few drinks after falling short yet again at the carolling competition. They begin talking again on how to get back at the MTA when Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller), who has been repeatedly vocal about the unnecessary revenge plots, tells them one more time about the real meaning of Christmas. He walks out of the bar and heads to Charles’ house to spread the Christmas cheer. He is eventually joined by the rest of the squad in singing.