Bridezilla Caroline Wozniacki's Wedding Plans: What Really Freaked Rory McIlroy Out

Lightning speed preparations gave the golfer cold feet
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File photo of McIlroy of Northern Ireland and his girlfriend, tennis player Wozniacki of Denmark, during the annual Masters Par 3 Contest in Augusta (Reuters)
IN PHOTO: File photo of McIlroy of Northern Ireland and his girlfriend, tennis player Wozniacki of Denmark, during the annual Masters Par 3 Contest in Augusta Reuters

Former World No.1 golfer Rory McIlroy announced the end of his engagement and relationship with tennis star Caroline Wozniacki last week only two days after sending out the invitations to their wedding.  The announcement came right before both of them were to compete in big events;  McIlroy at the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth and Wozniacki at the French Open in Roland Garros.

In his statement, McIlroy admitted that it is a difficult time for both of them but maintained that he will be keeping himself busy and focused with golf. Wozniacki on the other hand was rumoured to have plans to pull out from competition due to a knee injury.

A week later and McIlroy has lifted the trophy at the BMW PGA Championship where he won at 14 under two strokes ahead of the nearest competitor. Wozniacki, on the other hand, has fallen by the wayside and has been eliminated from the French Open on the first round. It looks like things are definitely going in separate directions for the exes.

While reports stated that friends were shocked by the split, more recent news has come out that what came as a surprise to those closest to the couple was actually the engagement and not the actual split.

On the rocks

Friends of the couple stated that the relationship has not been at a good place for almost a year and they were shocked to hear that Rory proposed. As recent as April, the two have been rumoured to have broken up simply because of an unflattering photo that Caroline posted of Rory while sleeping with his mouth open. As soon as they reunited, Caroline wasted no time in planning the wedding.

"Things haven't been right between Rory and Caroline for about a year now, he's made that very clear. Everyone was completely shocked when he proposed, but he thought that would buy him more time because Caroline had made it clear she expected him to pop the question," said one of McIlroy's close friends.

McIlroy proposed with a stunning £120,000 diamond ring on New Year's Eve in Sydney which he thought would buy him some time with a long engagement but Wozniacki had other plans.


Wozniacki went full steam ahead with wedding plans and what McIlroy expected to be a long engagement snowballed very quickly into very solid wedding plans with the date being set for the weekend of Nov 7-9, less than a year after the proposal.

Wozniacki made it clear that she was ready to be married and could not wait to start this new chapter in her life.

 "I want to be a relatively young mother, and I do not see it as being too far in the future. I have always been like that. I would want to bring up my children. Therefore, I have no dream to make my mark. Instead, I enjoy economic freedom my hard work has given me. It means that I can give my children the best start in life," she said in a recent interview.

Wedding plans

McIlroy freaked out when the invitations came out. 300 guests received their invitations right before he made the announcement that the wedding was off. At this point, the wedding details have been ironed out and Rory freaked out.

The couple had booked the world famous Rainbow Room, located at the top of Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.

The pair had originally chosen the Plaza Hotel in New York, but switched their venue to the Rainbow Room at the last minute.

The Rainbow Room boasts a revolving dance floor and was opened in 1934 as a place for the New York elite to dine and sits 65 stories above Manhattan which gives guests unparalleled views of the city.

Caroline reportedly has already chosen her dress for the occasion. The tennis star is sponsored by Stella McCartney for adidas but chose a different designer for her nuptials.

McIlroy had reportedly already thought to have dropped millions for the wedding at the Rainbow Room, but money was never the issue. The lightning speed planning completely overwhelmed him and the invitations were the last straw that freaked him out.