Reign Edwards, who plays Nicole Avant in “The Bold and the Beautiful,” recently sat down with Soap Central to talk about her character, the unfolding plot and her dreams of winning an Emmy award.

Warning, potential spoilers ahead!

Edwards reveals in an exclusive interview with Soap Central that her character’s sister, Maya (Karla Mosley), was born a man, which explains why the latter could not bear children and asked for Nicole’s help in becoming the surrogate mother of her baby. The actress shared that if she were asked to become surrogate mother by one of her sisters, she might feel really attached to the baby, so it might be a better idea to just donate. She said that being surrogate is a major issue and appreciates those who can actually do it in real life.

“I was really excited because I knew it would bring a lot of juicy stuff. And I’m thankful that they trusted me with this storyline. They keep giving me great stuff, and I’m just really happy and grateful that I get to play it. It’s challenging, and I always love a good challenge.” Edwards said about the storyline and Nicole’s big decision to make. She teased that if the story makes her character agree to bear her sister’s baby, she might have to do the whole pregnant role. She said that she was excited on how the plot would unfold either way.

Edwards said that if Nicole would continue with the pregnancy, it will be her first child. It was an incredible gift that she could give her sister, considering how Maya has done so much for her in the past. It will be a giant struggle for Nicole, since her decision can also affect her relationship with Zende (Rome Flynn). Nicole loves both Maya and Zende and hopes that she could make the two happy with her decision.

The actress added that it was also exciting to have her onscreen parents Julius (Obba Babatunde) and Vivienne (Anna Maria Horsford) move to town and be factored in her surrogacy decision.

Edwards said that she hopes to win an Emmy award, as well as a Grammy award, in the near future. She said that she is planning to submit for the Emmy awards this year and is currently working on her music.

Watch Reign Edwards cover of “Good Man” by India Arie here.

Source: YouTube/R EIGN

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