Bloodline season 3
Cast member Linda Cardellini poses during the arrivals for the Netflix original series premiere of 'Bloodline' at the SVA Theatre in New York March 3, 2015. Reuters/Brendan McDermid

The fate of Netflix original series “Bloodline” no longer remains a mystery. Season 3 will mark the last of the Rayburns fans will see as the streaming giant has decided to axe the show right after the third season. While the show has managed to hold a steady viewership rating — and a sound one at that — what’s not largely known is the reason behind the decision to pull it down.

“Bloodline” season 3 is expected to arrive late in 2017. The makers of the show have promised an “exciting climax.” There will also be more of Nolan Rayburn (Owen Teague) compared to the previous two seasons. After Danny’s death in the last season, his son Nolan will be put in his father’s shoes despite the boy’s unwillingness to become someone like his father.

“I don't think Nolan wants to be like Danny,” Teague said in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times. “He didn't have a good time with Danny as a dad.”

He continued, “The rest of the Rayburns see so much of Danny in Nolan. Nolan doesn't really get to be his own person. They share the same looks and the same mannerisms, but it's not something he likes.”

“Bloodline” is the story of a family with a dark history. It follows the life of the Rayburns as their dark secrets slowly start to surface one by one. “While Bloodline’s tricky timeline detracts from the potency of the story and its characters, the show remains an addictive, tightly drawn brainteaser framed on a believable canvas,” says Rotten Tomatoes about the show.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that “Bloodline” season 3 will have only 10 episodes unlike the previous seasons which has 13 each. So what made the producers decide to cut down on the episodes? The licensing fees on the show, says the Hollywood Reporter feature story.

Another reason why the show is being pulled down after season 3 is the finances. The series is filmed in the Keys, which is rather expensive. “We decided to set the show there … because it’s crucial to what the show is, not because of the tax incentive, but it does affect things financially for us and the show will be challenged because of that. It makes things more difficult,” executive producer Todd A Kessler said to the Hollywood Reporter.

One more reason why “Bloodline” season 3 will mark the end of the show is because of the plot. Apparently, not much is left in the story that the plot could hold on to for another season, and hence the decision. “Even when we pitched the show we had ideas for what five, six seasons of the show could be because that was very important to us to think about ‘how does this evolve season by season?’” said executive producer Daniel Zelman to THR.

“Bloodline” season 3 is expected to return by the end of the year. Meanwhile, fans can stream seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix.