Owen Teague
A picture of Owen Teague, who plays the role of Nolan Rayburn in "Bloodline" TV series. Photo credit: Jeremiah Wilson

Nolan Rayburn is an important character in the “Bloodline” TV series. Owen Teague, who plays the character, spoke about the show and his expectations for Season 3 in an exclusive interview with International Business Times, Australia.

International Business Times: What was your reaction after reading the script of "Bloodline" Season 2 and finding out how big a role Nolan was playing?

Owen Teague: I was excited and nervous, and honoured that the KZK team trusted me as much as they did with the role and making Nolan my own. Going into it, I had no idea who Nolan would start out as, or become, or how big he would be or anything. The role kinda just evolved as we went along, and that's one of the wonderful things about “Bloodline,” and the “Bloodline” process: the creators work with the actors to create the character, who evolves as time passes.

IBTimes: You have won a lot of praise for your performance in Season 2. How did you prepare/research for the role?

Teague: At first, since I didn't know much about who Nolan was, I watched a lot of Ben in the first season, studying what he did as Danny so I could emulate some of those specific things he does. Nolan is seen as a threat by the Rayburns, at least in the beginning, mostly because of how much he resembles Danny. That's not something he likes, but the similarities are there, in appearance and manner. And then as I learned more about the character, which, in the first weeks, wasn't much, I could start to go back and make a lot of Nolan's life up for myself, leaving room for whatever the writers came up with after the fact. And as I found out more, I could weave new pieces of his life into the ones I already knew or had made for myself, and make it all real for myself.

Owen Teague
A picture of Owen Teague, who plays the role of Nolan Rayburn in "Bloodline" TV series. Photo credit: Jeremiah Wilson Photo credit: Jeremiah Wilson

IBTimes: What was the atmosphere like on the set? Is there any particular behind-the-scenes anecdote that you can share with our readers?

Teague: The “Bloodline” set is the warmest I've ever worked on. Everyone is the best at what they do, and everyone loves what they're doing. It's like a family — a big, super-professional family. It's also a fun set; it has to be because of how heavy the show is. Every scene is difficult and tense, so we have to laugh and enjoy things between shooting. One scene I was doing with Kyle and Andrea, near the end of the season, where everything is a total mess for every character in the show, we finished shooting, and we start watching dumb funny YouTube videos. Pretty soon we're laughing — out of the mindset of the scene we had just finished entirely. And when you’re filming, you have to stay there, because that's how it's best, and that's how you feel best, but when cameras aren't rolling, the cast and crew of “Bloodline” are the best people to be around.

IBTimes: What is your favourite scene from Season 2? Why?

Teague : One scene I love is the dinner between Nolan and Kevin and Belle, just for how uncomfortable and messed up it is, with Nolan holding Kevin's alcoholism over his head like a noose. That was a lot of fun to shoot.

IBTimes: Have you heard anything about Season 3? What would like to happen for your character going forward?

Teague: Only rumours so far. I really don't know what's going to happen to Nolan. I think he feels really horrible about what he thinks his part in his dad's death was, and so he's trying to distance himself from the Rayburns and maybe go back to Miami. But I don't know how long that will last, or if he'll even be able to leave at all.