'Star Wars: Bloodline'
The cover photo of the novel "Star Wars: Bloodline." StarWars.com

“Star Wars: Episode 8” director Rian Johnson has shared some ideas and plot elements that have been incorporated in the forthcoming novel “Bloodline.” The novel promises to reveal something “scandalous” about Darth Vader.

In a recent post on the official Star Wars website, Jennifer Heddle writes that there is a “huge revelation” on offer in the forthcoming novel. Heddle points out that the cover of the novel has Darth Vader in the background and teases that the fans should not miss out on the fallout of the scandalous revelation on the galaxy.

Leia is the protagonist of the novel and the story will be told from her point of view. The book will reveal how the Resistance was formed and under what circumstances Leia had to leave the Republic in order to strengthen the Resistance. The book will also reveal the one character who was with Leia from the very beginning.

Some of the fans may have been disappointed for not seeing a lot of onscreen romance between Leia (Carrie Fisher) and Han Solo (Harrison Ford). As there is no scope for that happening in “Star Wars: Episode 8,” the novel explores the relationship of the two characters.

New young characters will be introduced in the novel. Joph is a New Republic pilot and Greer is Leia’s personal assistant. The two are loyal to Leia and believe in her cause. There are also villains and shady characters in the novel. The novel also introduces a “complicated politician” who is on the opposite side of the aisle from Leia.

Not everyone believed that the Empire was bad, the novel will reveal. The book will also give some insight into the key players who are working to build the First Order. The story is set before the First Order rose to power in the galaxy.

It is not clear if the plot points in “Bloodline” will reveal anything substantial about “Star Wars: Episode 8.” However, details about the First Order and Darth Vader may be relevant as the story continues.