The Block
"The Block" is a reality show from the Nine Network that follows couple who renovate houses and apartments. Dan and Carleen Foley were part of the 12th season. Twitter/The Block

“The Block” season 12 introduced the public to Dan and Carleen Foley, who were experienced renovators before becoming contestants on Channel Nine’s hit reality show, where they placed third. They took quite a public beating during their stint, which the couple blames on the overall editing of the show.

“We didn’t expect it because how they chose to edit it is not how it happened in the show,” Stuff quoted Carleen. “We didn’t find anything negative while we were doing the show but they took something that was a five minute altercation and made it into three nights.” She then went on to explain that the events leading to the fights were not properly shown as well.

"The way they do that is they don't show the lead up to the reaction, they just show the reaction,” she said. “If you don't show the reason why the person's reacted that way, it makes you look like you are an a------." Dan, on the other hand, admitted that it was the same way for the other “The Block” contestants.

“It’s a TV show and the more drama, the better -- and there was plenty of drama,” he said. “It all made good telly.” Carleen added that contrary to what viewers saw, she and Dan got along with the other contestants well and would have no problem reaching out to the other “The Block” couples.

And while Dan and Carleen agree that the experience was a good one overall, it did not come without repercussions. Other than their negative public image -- which neither of them took to heart -- “The Block” also had personal effects on them. Dan told Women’s Daily (via Mail Online) that he had lost 14 kilograms within the first nine weeks filming.

Dan’s eldest son, Jacob, told the publication that he had concerns about his dad getting on board with the show in the first place. Jacob said he knew the challenges would be taxing for Dan, who suffers from chronic arthritis in his wrists and existing football injuries. More than the physical consequences, however, the challenges also had an emotional toll on Dan and Carleen.

Rumors were circulating that the two were separated after the conflicts and issues that they had on “The Block.” Dan and Carleen, however, went on the record about their current living arrangement. Carleen admitted that they do spend some nights apart because she does most of her work at Perth. Meanwhile, Dan has been spending his time in their home on the Western Australian coast. But the logistics of their marriage are not an indication of a broken marriage. “We really didn’t have to stress about our relationship at all,” Carleen said.

“The Block Australia” is gearing up for the 13th season and casting began earlier this year. Filming of the same is expected to begin in April and end in July.


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