The BlackBerry Priv was launched in November this year and since then it is doing quite well in terms of sales. However, the exact and official figures are unknown, but the device has scored an 82 from DxOMark, the most-cited authorities in digital photography.

DxOMark has compared BlackBerry Priv’s camera to the iPhone 6S. It notes that BlackBerry Priv trails behind Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, the Galaxy Note 5, and the iPhone 6s Plus. Samsung Galaxy S5 and Nexus 6 fall behind BlackBerry Priv, a notable achievement from the Canadian company after a long time.

BlackBerry Priv reached the same level as iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s Plus and Sony Xperia Z3+ with an average score of 82. The device scored an 82 in still photography, although less than the other four devices, but in terms of video, the device scored an 81.

“Ranking inside the current top ten smartphones in our database of mobile phone image quality, the BlackBerry’s PRIV now ranks alongside the best smartphone devices we’ve tested from Apple, Sony, and Samsung,” DxOMark said.

A leading French developer, who works for DxOMark, has tested the BlackBerry Priv’s camera and reviewed that the camera performs difficult operations with ease. The developer has tested more than 9,000 digital cameras, lenses and smartphone cameras in the past.

Value Talks reports that the camera produces images with strong colours, both indoors and outdoors. However, some white balance problems were found during outdoor shoots. The image results in yellow, blue or pink casts. Meanwhile, a benchmarking site has reviewed that the camera gives detail preservation even in low-light conditions.

Furthermore, the BlackBerry Priv presents well in terms of video recording, and the noise reduction is not good as compared to video in bright light, but it gives visible frame shifts and distortion in low-light conditions, reports DxOMark.

BlackBerry Priv boasts of an 18-megapixel sensor, certified by well-known Schneider-Kreuznach via its US subsidiary, Schneider Optics.