'Black Panther': Chadwick Boseman Talks About Ernie Hudson Playing His Dad And Researching For The Role

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IN PHOTO: Actor Chadwick Boseman attends the premiere of 'Get on Up' in New York July 21, 2014. REUTERS/Eric Thayer Reuters/Eric Thayer

Chadwick Boseman will be playing the role of “Black Panther.” In a recent interview, the actor spoke about how he was researching for the role and also addressed the rumours about Ernie Hudson playing his father in the upcoming movies.

The character “Black Panther” will first appear in the upcoming movie “Captain America: Civil War.” A video posted on MTV’s YouTube channel shows Chadwick Boseman speaking about his role in the upcoming movie.

The young actor appeared to be reluctant to share any information about the movie and his character. Big budget movies usually have a strict policy of ensuring that the actors do not reveal too much information about the plot of the movies.

Chadwick Boseman found it difficult to even talk about whether or not he had read the script of “Captain America: Civil War.” The actor said he tries not to see the “whole thing” and focus on the “small parts” that are about his character.

According to the actor, the preparation for the role is “exciting.” Chadwick Boseman revealed that as part of the preparation for the role, he was not only reading up on the comic books that feature “Black Panther,” but he also read the history and science on which the stories in the comic books are based on.

“You can really reach to any place when it comes to these characters because they come from real things,” the actor said. When asked about what specifically helped him to prepare for his role in the movie, the actor said “crystals,” before laughing and saying that he was only joking.

The actor felt that telling people about how some of his research helped him with his role would be “too much” information about his role. However, Chadwick Boseman did talk about the rumour about Ernie Hudson playing the role of T’Chaka, the father of “Black Panther.”

“He looks like he can be my dad,” Chadwick Boseman said in the video. The actor said that he had always loved him as an actor but didn’t know anything about him playing the role of T’Chaka. The actor will be playing the lead role in the 2018 movie “Black Panther,” where more characters from the fantasy kingdom of Wakanda may be introduced.

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