Black Lightning
Cress Williams as Black Lightning. Courtesy of DC Comics

Jennifer Pierce (China Anne McClain) will come into focus on “Black Lightning” episode 5. A preview video released online shows the young daughter of Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) getting into a fight in a party.

Jefferson’s younger daughter is more of a rebel. She doesn’t have the activist/crime fighting streak that seems to run in the family. But when it comes to defending herself, she’s not someone people can mess with.

The preview video (see below) shows Jennifer attending the party. She deserves the time out after the intense incidents in her life. But the character can’t seem to catch a break.

After dealing with gang members in the last party she attended, the new issue seems like a walk in the park. A classmate of hers apparently wanted to knock her out since the sixth grade. Now that the opportunity has finally presented itself, the two girls will go toe to toe at the party.

While other people skating, Jennifer and her classmate will fight. This will not be a typical catfight, as Jefferson’s daughter knows cool self-defence moves.

Even though Jennifer will win the fight, the trouble will follow her home. The mother of the injured girl will complain to Jennifer’s parents. Will Jennifer start discovering some hidden powers, just as her sister Anissa (Nafessa Williams) has?

Meanwhile, there will be more action on the street. The preview video shows another incident involving the cops, which seems to be a common occurrence on the show. Black Lightning will continue his investigation of The 100 and the new drug that is taking people’s lives.

Credit: The CW Television Network/YouTube