Aly Ilyadias (R) helps Will Patriquin with his costume, both of them dressed as characters from the video game BioShock, at the PAX East gaming convention in Boston, Massachusetts March 23, 2013. Reuters/Jessica Rinaldi

“BioShock” for iOS is officially dead and never coming back to app store. 2K Games, about a year ago, decided to pull “BioShock” from Apple’s App Store. The decision was made as the game was incompatible with iOS version 8.4 and above. The 2K support site had stated that the removal was temporary. However, recently it made it clear that the removal is temporary, causing disappointment to fans. The new was spotted by former PocketGamer news editor Clément Renaudin, who also posted a tweet comparing the changes.

“If your Apple device is running iOS 8.4 or newer, you may encounter gameplay issues with ‘BioShock.’ Those who already own ‘BioShock’ can continue playing it with iOS version 8.3 and earlier, but the game is not compatible with iOS 8.4 and later,” a post read on 2K Support.

Even though “BioShock” is available on other platforms, removal from iOS may not be that big a deal. However, there were many who really wanted this update. Capcom was able to fix “Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.” “BioShock” was a $15 (AU$20 approx) purchase. While the game is still playable on iOS 8.3 and below, people will use this as an example to not buy expensive games on iOS. Fans are naturally disappointed as a single iOS update can ruin everything and even a multinational publisher can do nothing about it, writes Touch Arcade.

The bad news is that none of the fans who purchased “BioShock” will get their money back, writes PhoneArena. 2K has not announced anything about compensation for those who purchased the game. Players who try and run the game on iOS 8.4 and later may face gameplay issues. The game is unplayable. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on various games.