Pokemon Go
A man wearing a Pikachu hat, a character from Pokemon, plays Pokemon Go during a gathering to celebrate "Pokemon Day" in Mexico City, Mexico August 21, 2016. Reuters/Carlos Jasso

“Pokemon GO” fans are still waiting for updates on the Gen 2 Pokemon. Sadly there is none apart from the datamined updates from Niantic. The latest update was cut open by data miners who found out nearly 40 new moves, pointing towards a Gen 2 Pokemon release. Last time when Niantic introduced new moves, fans also saw the release of Ditto and the first Gen 2 Pokemon. Fans are also disappointed as it is now more or less clear that there won’t be “Pokemon GO” Chinese New Year event.

According to Tech.Mic, Niantic always releases information on “Pokemon GO” events well before the actual event date. This was the case with both the Christmas as well as Halloween events. Considering the fact that Chinese New Year is on Saturday and there are no updates up to now from Niantic, it can be confirmed that there won’t be any update from Niantic. Moreover, there are reasons for not coming up with an update. People cannot play the game in China and the app is not available in Chinese app stores due to Givernment’s security concerns.

The Chinese Lunar Year lists 2017 as the Year of the Rooster. Hence, “Pokemon GO” fans expected Niantic to increase spawn rates for bird-type Pokémon including Spearows and Pidgeys. Others thought Niantic would increase the spawns of Dratini and Magikarp. None of these turned out to be true. Meanwhile, many players are receiving a new update teasing a new Niantic expansion. However, those who have received the email are saying it’s just a periodic Pokemon marketing email from The Pokemon Company.

The “Pokemon GO” update could also be a late marketing ploy as the image shows only baby Pokemon. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on “Pokemon GO” news and updates.