Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) finally consummated their relationship in Episode 11 of “The Big Bang Theory” Season 9. The two enjoyed getting steamy under the sheet, but sex for this couple will be an annual event on Amy’s birthday, not a daily or weekly routine.

“I look forward to your next birthday, when we do it again,” Sheldon tells Amy after they indulge in coitus. Amy replies, “That works for me.”

Sheldon’s line “speaks volumes as to where this [sex] fits into his life,” creator of “The Big Bang Theory” Chuck Lorre told The Hollywood Reporter (THR). “He enjoyed it, but his priorities are his work and research.”

“Like a scientist, he investigated a sexual relationship and enjoyed what he found and sees no reason to pursue it until there's another birthday," he added.

Speaking about what is next for this couple, showrunner of “The Big Bang Theory” Steve Molaro told THR, it is to be determined whether Sheldon will come up with a second Relationship Agreement or not. He is sure that Sheldon will be thinking of it, but it has to be figured out whether Amy will be okay with that.

She might be okay with that if she finds out, Sheldon was thinking of proposing to her. “The Big Bang Theory” Season 8 finale revealed that Sheldon had procured an engagement ring. Amy is not yet aware about that ring. Lorre said to THR, “that ring is in play. It's still in his pocket. We'll see what happens with it."

Meanwhile, as previously reported, the next episode of “The Big Bang Theory” Season 9, titled “The Sales Call Sublimation," will see Sheldon and Amy skyping, as the latter is away to attend a neurobiology conference. Sheldon will work with Raj, who is looking for extra-solar planets. The spoilers of "Th Big Bang Theory" Season 9 Episode 12 leaked online reveal that Sheldon will discover a small asteroid, and he and Raj are going to name it Amy.

The Episode 12 of "The Big Bang Theory" Season 9 is scheduled to air on Jan. 07 in the U.S. Here is the official synopsis of “The Sales Call Sublimation":

Leonard will visit a psychiatrist so Penny can make a sales call. Stuart is going to move out of the Wolowitz house, and Sheldon will work with Raj looking for extra-solar planets.

Watch Sheldon and Amy finally have sex in "The Big Bang Theory" Season 9:

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